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MISSION STATEMENT:  To assist Accounting Professionals in providing added value to their small and medium sized business clients through a cost effective means of an active financial data monitoring, detection and fraud prevention service that is a compulsory practice, essential to the security and sustainability of any business operation.



  • Prevent wrongful activity before it begins.

  • Detect, Identify, and Report suspicious activity in a timely fashion. 

  • Provide mitigation support. 


  • Prevent wrongful activity by virtue of employee knowledge of professional fraud monitoring service being in place for business operation. 

  • Perform periodic forensic analysis of company financial data, reporting anomalies and suspicious activity in a timely manner to the accounting professional. 

  • Recommend follow-up actions to the accounting professional in a clear concise format for specific items detected.

  • Support mitigation efforts to remedy inappropriate, suspicious, or fraudulent behavior.   

  • Cooperate with legal prosecutorial authorities whenever necessary.


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